EF built-in ovens, be it static or multi-functional, allow you to cook for any party the way you intended. With comprehensive multi-functions, preparing a simple meal for yourself or an elaborate one for family and friends becomes easy. Creating sheer magic is easy with our ovens.  
  Conventional Ovens  

EFO 5570 TN SS

- Conventional Oven
- 4 Functions:
  * Top & Bottom Heating Only
  * Top Heating Only
  * Bottom Heating Only
  * Grill and Turnspit - Rotisserie
- Temperature 50°C to 250°C
- Capacity: 57 Litres
- Color: Stainless Steel
- Dimension: W595 x H595 x D540 mm
- Built-in-Dimension: W560 x H590 x D550 mm

+ Dimension-Cut-Out
+ User Manual
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